Journey  Taken in West Java

Rarindra Prakarsa is a Jakarta, Indonesia based photographer. He love his country and tried to capture the unseen beauty of Indonesia from artist’s point of view by taking these inspiring photos of landscapes, nature, culture and faces.


Everyday Life In Indonesian Villages Captured by Herman Damar

Under The Same Flag by Herman Damar on 500px

Indonesian self-taught photographer Herman Damar has captured amazing photographs documenting the everyday life of Indonesian villagers…

Herman Damar

Inovação e criatividade para todos.

Com uma natureza exuberante e culturas diferenciadas, clique aqui para .

Photographer Herman Damar Cap...

Photographer Herman Damar Captures the Pure Spirit & Joy of Children Reveling in Indonesian Village Life

Herman Damar Indonesia - play

Herman Damar, an Indonesia-based photographer, has presented a series of photographs documenting what is the everyday life like in Indonesian villages.