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The yandere otaku only loves animes and games. Love BRS, Hatsune Miku and others. But I'm not a lover type, so don't give me any Love boards.
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Image result for miku cute

For YuukiRavna (I think her dA is but I am not sure) From yesterday's christmas LS Requests. As seen in the Madness of Duke venomania PV.

Vocaloid, Handsome, Draw

Madoka Magica, South Park, Vocaloid, Chibi, Samurai, Handsome, Kawaii, Kawaii Cute

Vocaloid, Handsome

Vocaloid Cosplay, Fairy Tail, Samurai, Bleach, Fairytale, Fairy Tales

Top Rated, Mice, Gaming, Vocaloid, Hd Wallpaper, Handsome, Videogames, Computer Mouse, Wallpaper Images Hd, Game, Toys, Video Game

Vocaloid, Singers, Singer

Fan Girl, Vocaloid, Kaito, Kawaii Chibi, Manga Games, Software, Handsome

Vocaloid Funny, Handsome

Music, Friends, Sweet, Vocaloid, Software, Singers, Musica, Candy, Boyfriends, Singer, Muziek, Musik, True Friends