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a white sculpture sitting on top of a cement floor next to a lamp
Can Gout Affect Your Knees
mauvais gout (sometimes)
a man sitting on top of a chair holding two large swords in his hands and wearing glasses
Art, Style &n Interior Design | Page 3
Alexander Calder photographed in Paris 1929, by Hungarian born Photographer André Kertész.
a man standing in front of an easel painting
Willem de Kooning, East Hampton, 1952.
black and white photograph of a man holding a busturine in front of him
Alberto Giacometti
henri cartier-bresson / alberto giacometti
an old man sitting on the floor next to a spinning wheel and looking at it
La récupération dans l'art
La récupération dans l'art
an old black and white photo of a woman working on a vase with her hands
Henry Moore works in his Studio (Atelier) Henry Moore: Thank Sasha!
an old man sitting in a chair next to a easel
Camille Pissarro in his studio at Eragny, 1890s.
a wooden sculpture that is shaped like an egg
Jean Arp; 'Helmet Head', 1959
an old man wearing a hat standing in front of a bed and dresser with his hands on his hips
Picasso en ordre dispersé sur la Côte d'Azur
Picasso dans son atelier de Cannes, villa La Californie, en 1956. (Musée national Picasso-Paris, Donation André Villers, 1987)
people are on the beach with umbrellas and chairs in the water by the ocean
Cy Twombly
a close up of a tile with a face on it
Pablo Picasso; 'Cercle avec le Visage' Red Earthenware Terra Cotta Tile, 1971
a black hat is laying on the floor
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a man sitting in a chair reading a book
a black and white photo of a man sitting in front of a table with wires on it
Artist and Studio
June 2, 1954 in Vallauris, France.
an abstract painting with blue shapes on a beige background in a museum exhibit room or gallery
Artsy — Discover, Buy, and Sell Fine Art
Mattea Perrotta, 'portrait of a nude woman,' 2015, MAMA
an abstract painting with yellow and black lines
Donald Judd | Untitled (Schellmann 193) (1990) | Artsy
Donald Judd, ‘Untitled (Schellmann 193)’, 1990
an old photo of a man looking at paintings
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Picasso by Brassaï
two men standing next to each other and one is holding his arm around the other
Marc Chagall
Marc Chagall et son ami Pablo Picasso en Provence, 1955.
a man sitting next to a large vase
a drawing of a person laying on the ground
Egon Schiele - Biography, Shows, Articles & More | Artsy
Weiblicher Torso in Unterwäsche und schwarzen Strümpfen
a drawing of a hand holding a vase with flowers in it on a white background
Pablo Picasso | Vintage Le Bouquet Wall Tapestry Rug (Mid 20th Century) | Available for Sale | Artsy
Pablo Picasso, ‘Vintage Le Bouquet Wall Tapestry Rug’, Mid 20th Century
two chairs sitting next to each other on a white floor
Pierre Jeanneret | Pair of "Easy" armchairs, model no. PJ-SI-29-A, designed for the administrative buildings, Chandigarh (1955-1956) | Artsy
Pierre Jeanneret, ‘Pair of "Easy" armchairs, model no. PJ-SI-29-A, designed for the administrative buildings, Chandigarh’, 1955-1956
a white couch sitting on top of a wooden frame
Pierre Jeanneret | "Public bench," model no. PJ-SI-37-B, designed for the High Court, Chandigarh (ca. 1959-1960) | Artsy
Pierre Jeanneret, ‘"Public bench," model no. PJ-SI-37-B, designed for the High Court, Chandigarh’, ca. 1959-1960
a painting with flowers, fruit and other things in it
Clara Peeters | Still Life with Cheeses, Artichoke, and Cherries (ca. 1625) | Artsy
Still life of flowers and fruit
a painting of a woman with her reflection in a mirror and two other women standing around
Titian | Venus with a Mirror (ca. 1555) | Artsy
Titian, ‘Venus with a Mirror’, ca. 1555
an abstract painting with green, orange and red shapes on black paper in the background
Larry Zox - Biography, Shows, Articles & More | Artsy
Esso Lexington (Diamond Drill)
this is an image of a drawing with many lines and shapes on it's surface
Cy Twombly | Untitled (1964) | Available for Sale | Artsy
Cy Twombly, ‘Untitled’, 1964
three different colors of paper are shown in this triangle shaped image, one is black, the other is pink
Contemporary Color Fields | Artsy
Blinn Jacobs, 'Half,' 2014, FRED.GIAMPIETRO Gallery