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Outdoor Home Theater... wwaaaaaaaaaaaa!

Check out this outdoor theater! You could fit the whole neighborhood in your backyard! Amazing that you can have the neighborhood over to watch movies in the yard! You can even swim in the gorgeous pool beneath the screen while More - House Today

Swank cabin interior with lofted bed.

Sleeping lofts are a great way to maximise space. I really like this cabin with its one legged ladder but I dont know that I think much of that safety rail. Do you like it? Not the rail, silly - the cabin and sleeping loft!

Susan Collard - GBW Marking Time Exhibition Exhibitors

Susan Collard Portland, Oregon A Short Course in Recollection Alphabet blocks and clock parts, fragments of children’s tales and machinery merge in an intricate toy. When the book is set up and placed in motion, steel balls roll and.