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an old postcard with people on boats in the water and mountains in the background
Lake Ming 1960’s
an advertisement for the los angeles baker's field, which was built in 1897
1919 Advertising it took 5 hours and 45 minutes to drive from Los Angeles to Bakersfield
an old black and white photo of people standing in front of a doughnut shop
a man standing next to a giant ferris wheel on top of a dirt field in front of a fence
an advertisement for dunlap's department stores
a black and white photo of dunlap's in the 1950's
an aerial view of a large building and parking lot
East High School, circa 1938
a large statue in front of a building
Father Garces at the circle on Chester Ave.
black and white photograph of dunlaps department store
Dunlaps Bakersfield, CA
an old black and white photo of cars parked in front of a barbe pola
Barber Pontiac on Oak Street Bakersfield, CA
about 1960
an old photo of cars driving down the street in front of shops and businesses on a sunny day
Woolworth’s Kress’s and Sears
Early 60’s downtown Bakersfield, CA 19th and K Street