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some gummy bears are wrapped in plastic on a wooden table with a sign that says you did beary great today
Bags of gummy bears for cheer!
there is a bag with some kind of candy in it that says lets make s'more munchs
Band Camp Treats
Marching Orangemen: Band Camp Treats - Let's make S'more Music!
a sign that says push yourself to do your best with candy sticks in front of it
Push Pop Motivator - It's me, debcb!
This Push Pop Motivator is easy to make. It's perfect for dance, cheer or any team sport- It's me, debcb!
a candy bar that says, way to make those notes pop on the counter top
One of the treats in my Music Students gift bags for our Fall Recital!! Love this idea! I thought it was super cute!!
an orange piece of paper with a sticker on it that says, you're on a roll keep up the good work
Band Camp Treats
Marching Orangemen: Band Camp Treats - You're on a roll, keep up the good work!
several honey bottles with labels on them are sitting on a wooden table and tied with orange ribbon
A little happy for the start of band camp! #bandcamp #colorguard
an orange cheddar box with a sign on it that says it's 0 - fish all you're the best band ever
Band Camp Treats
These are the treats we made for our marching band goodie bags. The kids really liked the Pills, and Bubble Wrap this year! Happy Pills,...
there are many candy lollipops on the table together with tags attached to them
Marching Band -State week motivation. Tag reads: You are the BEST, Blow past the rest. Attached to a Blow Pop with ribbon in school colors.