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the cover of an art lesson for kids with pictures of flowers and water lilies
Exploring Great Artists :: complete art lesson plans
Complete art lessons for exploring great artists :: artist profiles, creative art projects, supply lists. 25 great artists.
two clay sculptures sitting on top of a table next to computer keyboards and mouses
Pop art food sculptures
Art at Becker Middle School: Pop art food sculptures
some cupcakes are cut out and placed on the floor
Wayne Thiebaud Cupcakes
1st grade cupcakes inspired by the Wayne Thiebaud. Students learned that his art can be labeled realism because it looks real. After learning about Wayne Thiebaud, students created their own yummy artwork of a cupcake. Students cut, glued, ripped and painted paper while creating these masterpieces! First graders also had to show an understanding what a pattern is while they decorated the bottom of their cupcakes.
some white plastic buttons and other items on a table
Louise Nevelson Sculptures from Prescott Central Middle School
Louise Nevelson lesson on artsonia “When you put together what other people have thrown out, you’re really bringing them to life".-Louise Nevelson
a sculpture made out of red paper sitting on top of a white piece of paper
TeachKidsArt: artist Alexander Calder-LOVE this- and love the site for the lesson ideas and vocab that goes with it!
paper sculpture techniques displayed on yellow background
Paper sculpture techniques
a yellow sign with paper sculpture cut out and pinned to it's side on a table
Paper Techniques
a white sculpture is shown with various objects on it
Art Projects for Kids: Louise Nevelson Found Sculpture. I use cardboard as a back and do this project with my second graders. This has been a hit with kids of different levels of abilities in particular.
a poster with pictures and words on it
A Fun New Way to Teach Art History!
a piece of art that looks like it has been made out of rocks and water
Sue Lowe 'Kilve VI' Collagraph print. One of a series inspired by the unique landscape of Kilve beach, West Somerset.
an artistic painting with crosses and other things on it's surface in the foreground
Collagraph Plate
Collagraph Plate by indiandollartworks, via Flickr
a piece of paper that has been cut out to look like flowers and leaves on it
collograph -- After cutting out a variety of shapes I glued them to a sheet of cardboard as if I were making a collage. I rolled printmaking ink onto the surface using a brayer once the glue had dried. It's also possible to use a brush and acrylic paint. In this particular print I overlapped the images and used three different colors to add dimension.
a piece of art that looks like someones hand reaching for something in the air
hand prints
collagraphs! "students drew around their hands" by Maureen Crosbie on Flickr
an abstract painting with blue and black colors
Blue with Black abstract. by Shelia White. Collagraph (32 x 13cm)
a close up view of some art work
Collagraphs Collagraph plate