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Ibibio Nsibidi Art of Victor Ekpuk

Viktor Ekpuk (Nigeria)

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Adinkra Cloth – African Beads & Fabrics
Adinkra Cloth – African Beads & Fabrics
Adinkra Cloth – African Beads & Fabrics

Adrinka Cloth

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Benin bronze hip masks and Benin Oba commemorative heads - RAND AFRICAN ART

Benin Bronzes

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Ancient Egypt

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Sierra Leone | Mende | Ndoli Jowei (Sande Sowei Helmet Mask)

Bundu Mask

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Burkina Faso Pottery

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raffia cloth, glass beads, cowries, fur, wood, hide
Kuba Mwashambooy Mukenga Helmet Mask, DR Congo

Bushong Kuba Masquerade

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Dahomey Kingdom

Dahomey Appliqué

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Ох уж эти модницы! - Ярмарка Мастеров - ручная работа, handmade
Traditional Slay: Women wearing the Alual - or Dinka Beaded Corset - from South Sudan, North Africa.: blackladies
Africa | A woman's beaded corset from the Dinka people from Sudan | Glass beads, leather, fur and fiber | ca. late 19th to early 20th century | © The Israel Museum, Jerusalem

Dinka Beads

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Africa | Mask "kanaga" from the Dogon people of Mali | wood, paint and fiber
Found on  • Dogon structure in Mali.

Dogon People

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Benin - Egungun Masquerade


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From the elegant makeup and dress of the Wodaabe nomads in Northern Africa, to the bold geometry of Pedi bead work in South Africa, from the vivid red ochr...

Eunoto (Maasai Warriors)

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kente cloth british museum - Google Search
kente cloth british museum - Google Search
kente cloth british museum - Google Search

Kente Cloth

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Makonde Sculpture

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Ndebele woman standing in front of a traditionally painted Ndebele home, South Africa #world #cultures
Traditional way in which the Ndebele tribe of South Africa paint their houses on the wall. - 55743395
Southern Ndebele - Google Search

Ndebele Painted Houses

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News Photo : Surma woman with a huge lip plate in Kibbish...

Surma Body Decoration

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The Teke origin can be traced back to the 15th century. Teke are a widely scattered people. They are quite resourceful and employ a variety of means to make a living. They farm, hunt and fish, and actively seek to trade any surplus they might end up with. The artworks of the Teke consist mainly of small fetish statues for personal use, and larger fetish statues for use by the diviner or chief during important village ceremonies. The Teke or Kidumu people are well known for their Teke masks, whic
TEKE-TSAYE MASK, DEMOCRATIC REPUBLIC OF THE CONGO | Art of Africa, Oceania and the Americas | African&Oceanic Art | Sotheby's

Teke Mask

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Tiebele Huts

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Lake Turkana lies within the Kenyan Rift Valley and is the world’s largest permanent desert lake. For me, however, it is the people that inhabit the region that are most inspiring and intriguing. With customs, traditions, beliefs and beauty as deep as the lakes waters, the people – and landscape - of Lake Turkana left me reeling in insignificance David Ballam was born and schooled in Johannesburg, South Africa. He first attended university in Cape Town but later moved to Rhodes University in the

Turkana People

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A Yaka helmet mask
Africa | Initiation rituals among Yaka people, near Kasongo Lunda, DR Congo | ©Eliot Elisofon. 1951

Yaka People

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Zulu Baskets

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Zulu beaded front apron. Early 1900's British Museum Collection.

Zulu Beads

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a painting with red, black and white designs on the bottom half of its face
Hairstyles, Tattoos, Body Markings, and Women's Pride - ARTCENTRON
an abstract painting with blue and yellow lines on it's face, in the shape of a dog
EKPUK YOU UP — the boss aesthetic
an artistic bathroom with blue and red walls, white letters on the wall, and round tables
“Shrine to Knowledge” installation by Victor Ekpuk in GET UP, STAND UP NOW! Exhibition at Somerset House, London. 12 June - 15 September 2019.
an art piece is hanging on the wall
Nigerian-American Artist -- Victor Ekpuk
pinkpagodastudio: Nigerian-American Artist -- Victor Ekpuk
an art installation with black and white images on the walls, in a room that has blue ceilinging
Victor Ekpuk's first London solo exhibition | TRUE Africa
Victor Ekpuk's first London solo exhibition | TRUE Africa
a drawing of a hand with writing on it and a red dot in the middle
Victor Ekpuk: Painting and Nsibidi ideograms: an evolution
an image of a blue and green painting with yellow dots on the bottom half of it
Hip Sista #11 by Victor Ekpuk | Morton Fine Art
a square piece of art made out of bricks and concretes with an intricate design on it
Adinkra Cloth
Adinkra Cloth – African Beads & Fabrics
an old rusted metal object that looks like a sunburst with a face on it
Adinkra Cloth
Adinkra Cloth – African Beads & Fabrics
a piece of cloth with different designs on it
Adinkra Cloth
Adinkra Cloth – African Beads & Fabrics
a quilt made with different colors and designs on the side of a wall in front of a
Adinkra Cloth
Adinkra Cloth – African Beads & Fabrics
four different pictures with people and animals in them, including an animal painted on the wall
Margaret Courtney-Clarke: African Canvas
The Girl With The Curl