UFO stories

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UFO stories

Melissa Schroader
UFO and military aircrafts?hmmmmmmm makes me think .Are they testing them?


It would be the last family photo that they took before the UFO beamed them all up Comment by Dolores; "it's cases such as this that ruin the serious scientific study of UFO'S.


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supposedly there is some sorts of a UFO base inside this volcano in Mexico

supposedly there is some sorts of a UFO base inside this volcano in Mexico

Aliens Caught On Camera Navigating The Moon's Surface - Unexplained News

This is a Perfect example of an UHO. The object in question is neither in front of or behind anything and, with a little forced perspective, can be made to look as if it's above the background objects - a tree in this case. I would hazard a guess that this is actually a toy UFO with lights and all, but is actually only 10" in diameter.

It’s been a good month for UFO believers. Mysterious lights flew over Los Angeles earlier this month, causing wild speculation about extraterrestrial activity. Strange clouds over Cape Town, South Africa, inspired a similar flurry of questions.

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Aliens , Greys , UFO's Do They Or Don't They Exist? What do you think?

The question is do Alien's, Grey's, And UFO's exist or don't they. Here we will explore the issue. Have you ever seen a UFO? Have you ever seen a alien? Here we explore all this and more.