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three handmade dolls with long blonde hair and flowers on their bodies are laying side - by - side
Velvet Rainbows
a group of wooden dolls sitting on top of a wooden table
Vintage Hand Painted Wooden Russian Nesting Dolls. Set of 6 Nesting Dolls. Matreshka Babushka Doll. Vintage Toys. Soviet Union Vintage. - Etsy
Vintage hand painted wooden Russian nesting dolls. Set of 6 nesting dolls. Matreshka Babushka doll. Vintage toys. Soviet Union vintage. by ellabellascollection on Etsy
Wood Carving, Diy, Posters, Woodworking, 3d, Puppet Making, Vintage Toys, Wood Toys, Woodcarving
Wooden Oldschool Diver Original Marionette
a gold colored sculpture with strings attached to it's head and arms, holding two hands in the air
a toy monkey sitting on top of a white floor next to an object with strings hanging from it's back
a wooden insect sculpture sitting on top of a table
brouk a buben
Found Art, Life Size, Figures, Artist, Artists And Models, Stop Motion
Artists' Lay Figures, Part 2
a wooden doll with white skin and black shoes standing in front of a beige wall
an old wooden statue is standing on a black base and has holes in the body
Wooden hand carved doll with original paint antique 10 1/2" (item #1359450, detailed views)
a wooden toy holding a bass in its hands