How to gain tranquility in islamic ritual prayer. This does not apply to du'a prayer that anyone can do anytime.

How to gain tranquility in prayer. Source: Productive Muslim in association with…

A true reminder, as we easily forget or overlook sometimes!!!/NZI

Don't rush your salah for anything, because you're standing in front of the one who is in charge of whatever you're rushing for.

Use this guide for productive young muslims!

Youth is the prime age in the life of a person. It is a time when health, vitality, spirit and passion all are at their optimal and a person feels he or she can do everything and whatever they unde…


Before going to bed, cute learning way ^.^ Thank you Jazak allah khairan♥️

Habits that take only 1 MINUTE! THE BEST OF WORDS 18 x - SubhaanAllah wal-hamdu Lillah wa laa ilaah ill-Allah wa Allahu akbar A TREASURE OF PARADISE 40 X- La hawla wa laa quwaata illa Bilaah SEEK FORGIVENESS 100 x - Astaghfir-Allah REWARD: SINS FORGIVEN 100 x - Subhaan Allahi wa bi hamdihi STAY INTOUCH Call a relative on the phone to upload the ties of kinship. SHUKR Motivate Motivate your heart to give thanks to Allah SWT GIVE ADVICE Say a few brief words to your children or family MEMORIZE…

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Taraweeh is my favorite part of Ramadan.

So what if their beauty if a topic in magazines? Your modesty is a topic in the Qur'an!

7 Ways To Be Productive This Ramadan

[Infograph] 7 Ways to Be Productive This Ramadan