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Tiago Lourenço  Templo Zu Lai

Buddha Shakyamuni representations until Buddha Maitreya representations appears 😌

Buddha décor, Blue Buddha, Calming Buddha, Buddha collection

The archetypal Buddha Akshobhya. He is displaying the earth-touching mudra, calling upon the earth-goddess to witness the austerities by which he has come to be seated upon the throne of a Buddha.

Buddha and the Dharma : Photo

With good will for the entire cosmos ~ cultivate a limitless heart ~ above, below, and all around ~ unobstructed ~ without hostility or hate ~❤️~ Buddha

Paz e amor!

☮ Rituals and ceremonies as the night falls and the new moon arises. Fresh flowers for offerings and lots of candles of Hope burning Bright, filling our hearts with eternal delight.

Buddha für Meditations Altar http://manusarona.de/kreiere-meditations-altar-spirituelle-praxis/

"We repeat what we don't repair." ~ Christine Langley - Obaugh Gautama Buddha, also known as Siddhārtha Gautama, Shakyamuni Buddha, or simply… lis


Wall Mural „statue, buddha, buddhism - statue bouddha” ✓ Easy Installation ✓ 365 Day Money Back Guarantee ✓ Browse other patterns from this collection!

.  Health, contentment and trustAre your greatest possessions,And freedom your greatest joy.Look within.Be still.  .  BuddhaDhammapada

Health, contentment and trust are your greatest possessions. Freedom is your greatest joy.

Resting Buddha Garden Statue in Pearl White Finish

Pearl white garden statue of cast resin depicts Buddha in the resting position, head on knee.