Poci ~ brewed tea in the typical tea pot (poci) which is made of clay and sweeten by adding rock sugar. Teh poci is well-liked by people specificly from central java and its originally from Slawi *Tegal and its become very famous drinking tea traditions

Soto Ayam Lamongan typical food from East Java that you often see in the corners of the village, a large shopping mall, Food court, Depot, and in the market. Soto is soup yellow color.

Ketoprak [Ketoprak is a Jakarta food cart dish. Ketoprak consists of peanut sauce, palm sugar, bird chili (short boiled), a very small amount of tamarind (mix it with water), garlic, bihun (thin rice noodles), lontong (rice cake), fried tofu, bean sprout, Indonesian sweet soy sauce, and crackers. Sometimes they'll add boiled eggs.]

Pecel is kinda indonesian vegetable salad with peanut sauce and peyek (peanut cracker)

KETOPRAK: Made of rice noodles, fried tofu and bean sprouts and served with garlicky peanut dressing, sweet soy sauce and crackers, ketoprak is one of Jakarta's favorite breakfasts – though many have it for lunch as well

Nasi kapau: Minangkabau-style nasi rames, commonly known as nasi kapau, complete with local Minangkabau side dishes. (Photo by Keshie Hernitaningtyas)