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Top Five Cities to Visit

Evening lights, Thames river, London Best place in town, already have many memories here and close by. Hopefully there will be many more to come.

Malioboro Tempo Doeloe, Yogyakarta, Indonesia @ve windiastri @Susana Abdalla Akhirta Atikana


fort, voc,dutch east indies, oost indie, nederlands indie, banda This Day in History: Mar 20, 1602: Dutch East India Company founded

Fort Nassau was the first Dutch fort built on Banda (or Bandaneira) Island, the main island of the Banda Islands, part of Maluku in Indonesia, completed in 1609

Buitenzorg, Bogor 1888 (taken from Indonesia Tempo Doeloe)

Buitenzorg, Bogor 1888 (taken from Indonesia Tempo Doeloe). Bogor is only an hour driving from Jakarta, now it's one of the big city in West Java.