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Cindy Simarmata
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George Mallory - died in 1924 while trying to make the first ascent of Mt. Everest with Andrew Irvine.  When they were last seen by other party members, they were a short   800 vertical feet from the summit.

This 1909 photo shows British mountain climber George Mallory, who died while scaling Mount Everest in on the Moine ridge of the Aiguille Verte mountain in France.

Winter, Solo man snow nature mountain Luminous clouds as Madaleine and I traverse La Silla on the way down from climbing Fitz Roy. Photo by Kate Rutherford

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Robert Downey Jr <----- I love Robert Downey Jr. He's so attractive and awesome actor! He made iron man cool. I was not a comic book person until i started watching iron man. His swagger is crazy cool but still ridiculously intelligent.