Origami Shadow Art | Kumi Yamashita | feel desain

Origami Shadow Art

Origami Shadow Faces by shadow artist Kumi Yamashita (origami paper and a single light source)

roberto kusterle.....check his website!

wolfman-in-black: Roberto Kusterle, Le ali dei sogni 2004

Movable Paintings!!!  http://blog.craftzine.com/archive/2012/03/movable_painting_wall.html?utm_source=feedburner&utm_medium=feed&utm_campaign=Feed%3A+craftzine+%28CRAFT%29&utm_content=FaceBook

I adore modular design, and this beautiful movable painting wall from AM at Memory Radio is definitely the kind of art display that I can picture in my own


Kusterle Roberto - In attesa del volo (Waiting for the flight),

nest houses of patrick dougherty

The Nest Houses of Patrick Dougherty

Patrick Dougherty’s Mind-Blowing Nest Houses Made of Living Trees Patrick Dougherty Living Tree Houses – Inhabitat - Sustainable Design Innovation, Eco Architecture, Green Building


Forest Blending Acrylic Glass Statues

The 'Predator Effect'. Creative work of artist Rob Mulholland. Sculptures made out of mirrored Perspex (or acrylic glass). In the woods around Alloa, Loch Ard and the David Marshall Lodge in Scotland.


Crashing porcelain action figures- "german photographer martin klimas created the series 'porcelain figurines'. the collection of images were captured just as each of the fragile objects hit the ground after being dropped from a height of feet.

i need one of these.....no...really...i do....

The Cathode Corner Watch is a two-digit wristwatch using Nixie tubes, a forty-year-old display technology. Requires no button-pushing to operate. The hours, then the minutes, will appear in glowing orange digits.

i looooove lemon.

i looooove lemon.

i love this person's work.

Onward Again My Friend Print - AP

Onward Again My Friend – Andy Kehoe

127 Miraccoon   Miracles

Amandine Van Ray is an Estonia based artist who creates Surreal artworks by combing photography and digital art.

my friend's site.....beautiful beautiful work...

my friend's site.....beautiful beautiful work...

this artist has some beautiful work

this artist has some beautiful work

beautiful, and meaningful

This beautification isn’t about prettifying the blockades, though. Artist Mohamed Gad said “We’re not embellishing the walls… We’re simply stating that the streets are open.” Artist Mohamed Gad, 360 views link too

i always wondered what these were called...

Incredible retablos from Peru.

625 Chris Sedgwick   Intense emotional release

'"Passing of the Ages"' - Chris Sedgwick