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Не все то золото, что блестит, особенно если вы видите это золото на фотографии в рекламе. В студийной фотосъемке много нюансов, и это касается как натюрмортов, так…

I like how the artist seamlessly placed all of the photos together to create a piece with a different feel. The cut on the cheek shows he paid attention to detail and the rain as well as the darkness added provides for a stormy scene.

Cute Girl Holding Al-Quran Didik anak hafal Al-Quran

This photo reminds me of my sisters and i growing through our childhood till our teenage years - all cladded in our hijabs and the visits to the mosque for mass. Ramadhan is coming soon and I hope this year I will make use of the holy month better than I

Duas of forgiveness taught by Allah Himself in the Quran !!

These are quotes from the Quran. This is significant to the book A Thousand Splendid Suns because Mariam constantly is praying and recites her versus from the Quran.