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James Massey

James Massey
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Yamamoto Kansuke Samurai Armor

This is a fully functional reproduction of the samurai Yamamoto Kansuke's armor, general of the Takeda Shingen clan. Made for Samurai clan re-enactment, LARP and collectors. Authentically handcrafted by the Iron Mountain Armory.

Japanese Samurai

The Samurai of Tyrakawa are an elite band of warriors who give up their old lives to become part of an ancient order of warriors. They stick to their own Code of Honor and are often found among the courts of Lords as advisors or bodyguards.

Samurai's are one of my favourite warriors.

In battle, katana was typically paired with the medium sword wakizashi. Both were worn by members of the Japanese warrior class. The two weapons together were called the daisho, and represented the social power and personal honor of the samurai.