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Opposites music video - The Learning Station

Opposites - Opposites Songs for Children - Kids Songs by The Learning Station

Our popular song for children, "Opposites Song" from the CD, "Preschool Learning Fun"Download "Preschool Learning Fun" CD: http://store.learningstationmusic....


Synonyms for St. Patrick's Day

My class has been busy getting ready for our district benchmark test and the California State Test. Next week we will be taking our district benchmarks. I am busy planning some fun activities for St. Patrick's Day. My students deserve a little break from all the testing. Here are some synonyms cards that I made for next week. There is a total of 12 pairs of synonoyms. I am linking up with Fifth in the Middle's Blog by State. Head on over to her blog and check out all the great blogs.

The Speech Path Place: Freebie

The Speech Path Place

I created another bingo activity for the upcoming Easter holiday. This activity includes 6 different bingo cards and corresponding bingo chips. Use this as a reinforcement activity while working on speech or language goals. It can also be used to target seasonal vocabulary. Grab This Freebie at the TPT Store

Free!- Picture antonym cards...20 pairs of opposites!

FREEBIE- Picture antonym cards

I am always looking for opposite cards that I can use with my younger students or non-readers, but they are hard to come by, so I created my own set!! 20 pairs of opposites with pictures and words! So many ways these can be used- flashcards, memory game, matching game, etc!! Hope you find them us...

Free!! Antonym Matching Activity with 36 pairs

Ashley Loftus

Browse over 60 educational resources created by Ashley Loftus in the official Teachers Pay Teachers store.

Free! Monster Madness Synonyms & Antonyms printable! 12 synonyms and 12 antonyms.

Monster Madness Synonyms & Antonyms FREEBIE

These monster themed set contains 12 synonym question cards and 12 antonym questions cards along with one monster coloring page. Ask the student the question, if they get it right they get to color a monster. Which ever student colors the most monsters by the end of the session wins. ...

synonym, antonym, homophone sort freebie

Synonym, Antonym, and Homophone Sort

Use this packet/game for whole group, small group, or independent centers. ...

Free!!  36 pairs Synonym Matching Activity

Ashley Loftus

Browse over 60 educational resources created by Ashley Loftus in the official Teachers Pay Teachers store.

Synonyms Pea Pod Freebie

Synonyms Pea Pod Freebie

This adorable freebie is a great review of synonyms! Students identify synonym pairs and color in the pea pods. I hope you enjoy the freebie! Please check out our blog at to see freebies and other ideas. Also, become a fan by clicking "follow me" at the t...

The PaperBag Teachers: Word Wednesday - Antonyms and synonyms activity

Word Wednesday

I added a center component to the speech room about five years ago because I was so tired of passive students sitting at my table. Sinc...

Free! Turtle Antonyms for a fun match game!


Antonyms activities has a game that can be played like go fish. The students ask for the correct antonym. If they get the card turtle crossing, they get an extra turn. The students with the most matches wins. There is also a cut and past antonym worksheet. ...

Free! Cupcake Synonyms --A synonyms matching activity...18 pairs!

Synonym, Antonym, and Homophone Sort

Try to get the most cupcakes on your plate before the game ends by matching synonyms. 18 pairs of synonyms: above/over large/big small/tiny rest/relax shout/yell speak/talk sack/bag funny/silly bright/smart present/gift listen/hear mother/mom bunny/rabbit house/home garbage/trash woman/lady infan...

Spring-time Synonyms - Pinned by @PediaStaff – Please Visit for all our pediatric therapy pins

Spring-time Synonyms

Hi Everyone! I'm back with a spring-themed FREEBIE for you! I don't know about you, but I'm definitely ready for springtime! Here's a new activity for those of you working with mid to upper elementary: You can use this activity with your speech and language groups to target synonyms and antonyms. Or, you could use it as a bulletin board idea: "Pick a Better Word" for these overused words! Bulletin Board variation Head on over to my page, Carrie's Speech Corner to download! Happy (almost)…

Free! Splish Splash synonym fun! 20 synonym pairs.

Splish Splash Synonym Match

Splash around in some synonym fun! Spread the cards face up on a table. Select a card and the first student to find the synonym for the targeted word wins that pair. The student with most pairs wins! Includes: - 20 synonym pairs ( 40 cards )...