IKAN BAKAR LEMAK PANDAN (Translating to "burned fish," ikan bakar is the catch-all term for small grilled swimmers. You'll often see it wrapped in a banana leaf before it goes on the grill, so that the leaf gets direct heat contact, rather than the fish itself; it's generally marinated in a blend of turmeric, chilis, belacan, galangal, and those other now-familiar ingredients, and served with sambal.)

Grilled fish marinated in a blend of turmeric, chili, belacan, galangal and served with sambal aka ikan bakar lemak pandan

Nasi Kerabu. Yummyy... ikan goreng sedap juga diganti dengan daging atau ayam dibakar atau digoreng garam kunyit.. Ulam-ulaman juga boleh diubah suai ikut citarasa sendiri..

A type of nasi ulam, in which blue-coloured rice is eaten with dried fish or fried chicken, crackers, pickles and other salads It's a shame being a Malaysian, I haven't have that in my life.

Nasi tutug oncom [recipe in Indonesian]

What to eat in Indonesia? Best indonesian food list - Food you should try

Assalamualaikum Sebenarnya dah lama ita dapat permintaan dari rakan FB untuk buatkan satu N3 berkenaan otak-otak yang cukup popular di Joh...

OTAK-OTAK ~~~ otak-otak is a grilled fish cake of ground fish meat mixed with tapioca starch and spices. it is traditionally served fresh, wrapped inside a banana leaf.

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