Skip the takeout and make this 20-Minute Indonesian Fried Rice Nasi Goreng instead!

Skip the takeout and make this Indonesian Fried Rice Nasi Goreng instead! I love this stuff but haven't made it for decades. It was a popular dish when I was in Holland.

Es Cendol

Es cendol is an Indonesian drink made from rice flour served with coconut milk, sugar palm and ice cubes or shaved ice. While Indonesian people drink es cendol as a nice refreshment, a lot of Westerners like es cendol as dessert.

Martabak Manis Honeycomb texture resep

Martabak Manis - an Indonesian sweet pancake, often filled with an interesting combination of cheddar cheese and chocolate rice, (chocolate sprinkles).


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nandangwuyung: Martabak Manis Cokelat

nandangwuyung: Martabak Manis Cokelat

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