Sop Buntut - Oxtail Soup

SOP BUNTUT (oxtail soup) is very popular in Indonesia. If you ever visited an Indonesian restaurant that serves this soup, it is really hard to miss it since this is probably the most expensive dish among the many dishes available.

Pisang Goreng – Indonesian Fried Banana

Indonesian pisang goreng (fried bananas) is popular eaten as snack, breakfast item, or pretty much anytime of the day.

Sambal Goreng Daging - Beef in Chili and Spice Paste

The most famous sambal goreng dish is probably sambal goreng hati, but I am not a big fan of liver or any other kind of entrails for that matter, so the next best thing (which to me is a huge step better :D) is to make sambal goreng daging with …

Perkedel Tahu - Tofu Fritters

Another take on the ever present perkedel in Indonesia, this time with tofu as…

Lemper Ayam - Steamed Glutinous Rice with Spiced Chicken Floss

Lemper ayam is one of the many Indonesian traditional snacks. Lemper is steamed glutinous rice filled with spiced chicken floss (or other spiced meat floss, but chicken seems to be most popular), then shaped into an oblong, and wrapped in banana leaves.

Opor Ayam

Opur Ayam - Originating in Central Java, opor ayam (chicken cooked in coconut milk) is typically served with ketupat (boiled rice cake wrapped in woven palm leaf pouch) or lontong (boiled rice cake in the shape of a cylinder wrapped in banana leaf).

Gulai Sapi Padang - Padang Style Beef Curry

We love Padang food so much in our family, and I love cooking them since it is…

Acar - Indonesian Pickle

Acar - Indonesian raw vegetables pickle with cucumbers, carrots, shallots, and Thai chilies