apple 5 rumors

Waiting to see what actually comes out of apple's pocket on 12 sep 12
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this should be very close?

Recently, a white iPhone 5 was spotted spreading across the web. See the white iPhone 5 pictures here.

interesting rumors

description: Read the news and speculations on Apple iPhone 5 smartphone that seems to commence its pre-orders from September The new iPhone 5 will be far impressive than its predecessors.


Gresso unveils a revolutionary limited edition bumper-case for iPhone 5 - Luxurious Magazine

Day b4 launch found on cnet

It could be said that the level of anticipation among Apple fans building towards the launch of the new iPhone 5 is incomparable to the hype around any other consumer product.

waiting to see the real one!! sep 12?

Photos: Black and white next-gen metal iPhone backs, mini-dock, taller screen, moved earphone jack present


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