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160K views · 939 reactions | 🔥Follow for more tips Check out the link in my bio to learn more! This entire country was built on business credit. You only need a 540 credit score along with an LLC and EIN number to access $ 250k of funding. Banks have a no docs “hybrid” option for small businesses to access up to $50k. That’s 150 right there. Not to mention tradelines and vendors that don’t require a PG or credit check. I even show you plug-n-play strategies for starting 10k/month businesses. You are seeing this for a reason. Even if you have bad credit. Follow and comment “Action” if you are ready to take the necessary to retire early #taxwriteoff #llc #business #businesscredit #business #fyp | Jeff Ruiz | Jeff Ruiz · Original audio
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an advertisement for a business that is being displayed on a phone screen with the caption'take $ 200 out of your tax and go get
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1.1K views · 159 reactions | Want to scale your business? Build credit & access funding up to $250k 🚀 Text ‘SCALE’ to 954-829-9402 #businesscredit #scale | Business Credit Business Tradelines Business Credit | B Lou · Bank Account (Instrumental)
a poster with instructions on how to form an icinny info sheet for your business
This is an image of a step by step guide on how to start an LLC. Business Tips, Small Business Tax, Small Business Advice, Business Savvy
How to start an LLC
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How to Open Your Business Bank Account for your LLC
Ready to open your LLC's business account? Gather essential docs like EIN letter, Articles of Organization, and operating agreement. Have an LLC member take these to the bank for account setup. Don't forget to check out @prettylegalforms for more legal insights, tips, and contract templates to support your small business.
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✨How I started my LLC!
✨5 easy steps I did to create an LLC in Florida!
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How To Start An Llc: A Comprehensive Guide
I Don’t Own Anything…
Business Funding Hack
You Probably Don’t Realize! 📣💯
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