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When people let you down turn to Allah Muslim / Islam / religion / guidance / truth

Dua for parents

Al Quran surah Ibrahim (Abraham) Du'a for parents: Our Lord, forgive me and my parents and the believers on the Day the account is established.

Subhanallahi wa bihamdihi

SubhanAllahi wa biHamdihi (Glory be to Allah and Praise Him). Whoever says (the above) a hundred times during the day, his sins are wiped away, even if they are like the foam of the sea.


ISLAMIC Quote: "The only one who can truly satisfy the Heart is the one who created it." _____________________________ Reposted by Dr. Veronica Lee, DNP (Depew/Buffalo, NY, US)


It's sunnah & Amal jariah. When you smile, is like the sun ray brighten anyone day

Teach your children the Quran, and the Quran will teach them everything!

Such a beautiful way of putting it. Indeed, everything starts with Allah.