Kaya - this is the coconut jam spread I grew up with.  Weekend mornings at the local coffee shop with toast, butter and kaya oozing from the sides.  With some half boiled eggs and milo.  That was life!

Kaya (Malaysian Coconut Egg Jam) - delicious jam made with coconut, eggs and caramel. Rich and aromatic jam which is perfect for toast and a cup of coffee.

balinese chicken sate

Guest Post: Balinese Chicken Sate

Balinese Chicken Sate (Sate Lilit Ayam) - Very clever presentation. Adds height and interest to a type of dish that can sometimes be boring on the plate.

Pecel - Indonesian traditional food: an assortment of boiled veggies served with peanut sauce

an assortment of boiled veggies: spinach, cabbage, bean sprout) topped with peanut sauce ( based on chillies, peanuts, tamarind and coconut sugar). Eat with steamed rice.

Indonesian Food

Bakso is the Indonesian version of a meatball. It’s usually made from sliced beef, but can also take the form of chicken, fish or shrimp.

soto ayam. Indonesian chicken soup.

I warp up Soto Ayam (Classic Indonesian aromatic chicken soup) to be the beat of today posting. I have finally made it uncovered af.