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This House Was Abandoned Over 30 Years Ago, But When You Walk In, It's Like No One Ever Left | Diply

This eerie tour inside an abandoned homestead that was left untouched for over 30 years has become a time capsule in Ontario Canada.

The Charles M.Sublett House on Millionaire Row in Danville, Virginia. This Victorian Gothic style home was built in 1874 by Mr. Sublett for his bride Jennie Cosby. It has 3 1/2 stories and is supposedly haunted in this historic district.

LOOK - DANVILLE HAUNTED HOUSE! Haunted House on Millionaire's Row, Danville, Virginia - In Charles M. Sublett built this dream house for his bride Jennie. High Victorian Gothic style, it is historically significant, but nevertheless in ruins.

Abandoned house, Eureka, Utah

The ornate work around the porch doorway must have been beautiful when it was built Abandoned house, Eureka, Utah