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How to Learn Japanese Kanji #Japanese #language

My first language is English. It confuses me trying to learn the Asian script (Japanese/Korean) then the romanization, then the meaning. Sometimes it helps me pronounce the word, but that's all.

Studies Abroad in Japan. GoldenWay Global Education VietNam Du hoc nhat ban

Educational infographic & data visualisation Infographic: how to talk to your family members in Japanese. Infographic Description In

This is so fun to look at!

WHAT SORCERY IS THIS<---the speed of the image scrolling by causes your brain to see an image overlap of the red and blue dots. red + blue =purple therefore purple dots science /= sorcery buh bam

Japanese Vocabulary for Travelers

confundida con 列車, porque a mí me enseñaron que tren normal es 電車 y así lo vi mucho en Japón. Ha de tratarse de un tipo especial de tren. En el dibujo parece 新幹線 pero no lo menciona.