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Flickriver: Most interesting photos from Anne Boleyn: “The Moost Happi” pool

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October 24th, 1537: The Death of Jane Seymour

Over at The Anne Boleyn Files, Claire Ridgeway marks the anniversary of the death in childbed of Henry VIII's third wife, Jane Seymour, mother of the future King Edward VI (r. 1547 - 1553.)

Anne B - CGTrader Digital Art Competition

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A replica of Mary Tudor’s wedding dress

A beautiful replica of Mary Tudor’s wedding dress. Made by costume expert Tanya Elliott. Mary’s dress was recorded in one contemporary report to be in the French style and made of ‘rich tissue with a border and wide sleeves, embroidered upon purple satin, set with pearls of our store, lined with purple taffeta’. It had a partlet, the sleeveless jacket covering just the chest and a high collar. The kirtle was of white satin enriched with silver and it had a train. The replica was made for the…

Tower of London Anne Boleyn's prayer book

Anne Boleyn allegedly held this prayer book during her beheading in 1536.

Tower of London: Anne Boleyn's needlework

An example of the stitchwork produced by one of the Tower's most famous temporary residents.

Sketch of Anne Boleyn by Emma Pooley based on Hans Holbein’s sketch.

Anne Boleyn: The Most Happy

Sketch of Anne Boleyn by Emma Pooley based on Hans Holbein's sketch.

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The real face of Anne Boleyn? by historical novelist Richard Masefield - The Anne Boleyn Files

Thank you so much to historical novelist Richard Masefield for sharing his research and views with us today. Richard is interested in starting a dialogue on this image; he really wants to hear your views, so please do share your view by leaving a comment below this article. Over to Richard… By comparison with numerous […]

Holbein sketches of Anne Boleyn

David Starkey and Bendor Grovesnor have argued the case ( here ) for the night gown sketch being Anne. If the woman in the nightgown is Anne, then so is the woman in the hood when you compa…