Leather gloves tutorial by xGryphus.deviantart.com

Simple gloves made from leather (salvage from second-hand coat, I belive) with a little bit of steampunk-ish touch. Maybe I'll upload a pattern+tutorial someday if anyone will be interested.

pink lady/women clothing/long coat/high collar/belt/fit/custom made/wool/autumn/winter. $180.00, via Etsy.

pink lady/women clothing/long coat/high collar/belt/fit/custom made/wool/autumn/winter

Asos Scalloped Collar Blouse

Just change up the collar and front placket shape and you have a whole new top. Sew with Threadhead TV.

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Inspired by traditional Kaftan style this is a modern twist to a Kimono style Abaya Can be worn as an over garment or as an Abaya in itself. This dual purpose Abaya is a sure hot seller. Sizing for Kimono style is not according to our standard size chart due to its kaftan/kimono silhouette, adding more fabric. Zipper front makes this a perfect style for new moms as well. Fabric: 100% Poly Kashibo.

Clothing Tips for Hajj (Women): Dawn Travels

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