Mungki Sulistiono

Mungki Sulistiono

Mungki Sulistiono
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Personas for Ecommerce platform by Calvin Pedzai, via Behance

My UX deliverables I have done for agency and personal projects. This covers the full UX design process from research to launch.

What is User Experience (UX)? | Infographic

In this amazing and comprehensive infographic by Homestead, they share the facts about user experience, and how to improve upon yours. Also learn more about user experience with these most common ux mistakes to learn from.

Reflections from an Elementary School Principal: Encouraging a growth mindset

We love this quote! Teach it to them young and they will carry this mindset throughout life. "In this room, we don't do easy. We make easy happen through hard work and learning." Sounds like something Ron Clark would say.

Don't let that be your only motivation, add it to the list. #Entrepreneur #Inspiration

Funny pictures about The greatest pleasure. Oh, and cool pics about The greatest pleasure. Also, The greatest pleasure photos.