The beauty on Animals

This Board is about all the animals that are cool, pretty and beautiful.
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I usually don't like the fullness around the neck, but I like the contrast between colors and also the glasses - making hijab real


Red Slender Loris is a small, nocturnal prosimian native to the rainforests of Sri Lanka

Perfect color

Albee Adventures Costa Rica Alexandra Lacayo, president of Albee Adventures

Look at it's colors.

Here is a list of the most amazingly beautiful red-colored animals in the world you need to see, like red panda, Siamese Fighting Fish, scarlet ibis etc.

Dragonfly Anisoptera AMAZING

Dragonfly Anisoptera AMAZING

Royal Angelfish what are Beautiful colors!!!

Royal Angelfish what are Beautiful colors!

This is a good match and color for our eye makeup

Photographs of wrasses and parrotfishes (family Labridae)