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a clipboard with a drawing of a microscope on it's side and the words let's map a microscope key
A View Through the Microscope
A School Called Home: A View Through the Microscope - Identifying the parts of a microscope!
two cartoon characters with speech bubbles saying, for you i love it bacteria give the most thoughtful gifts
Bacterial Gifts - Beatrice the Biologist
Beatrice the Biologist: Bacterial Gifts
the fruit is growing and ready to be eaten
Micro Monsters with David Attenborough - Trailer
▶ Micro Monsters with David Attenborough - Trailer - YouTube
a science bulletin board with magnets and papers on it
Micro-organisms display. My Year 6 pupils enjoyed looking at microscopic pictures of different microbes and matching them with the type they thought they were.
a cell phone with the word cells on it in front of a green and white background
One Stop Teacher Shop
This PowerPoint presentation was made to align with Georgia Standards in 5th grade Science. It covered microorganisms, multi-celled organisms, sin...
an empty metal tray on a black surface
Introducing Kids to Microorganisms - Growing Bacteria - Surviving A Teacher's Salary
Introducing Kids to Microorganisms – Growing Bacteria
an image of microorganisms on the cover of a children's book
Science For Kids - Fun Activities, Experiments and Projects | Mocomi
What are Microorganisms?
a bulletin board with pictures and writing on it
Microorganisms: Harmful or Beneficial?
the silhouette of a man with a yellow light in his hand
Detective Games & Activities for Kids - Solve CSI Mysteries Using Science
"Enjoy detective games and activities for kids that challenge you to solve a range of interesting CSI mysteries using science. Play the role of a secret agent in a number of important cases that test your knowledge of science topics such as friction, gravity, magnets, electricity, chemistry, plants, microorganisms, life cycles and more. Science, math and English
the screen shows different types of food
Science for children - Microorganisms
a wanted poster for a man with a beard
Wanted Poster Book Report Project: templates, worksheets, rubric, and more.
Book report... have the kids make their own "wanted" posters,. OR...can use for cell structures or microorganisms
two men sitting at a table with microscopes in their hands and the words how microorganisms move
How Microbes Move (funny science)
How Microorganisms Move, A Parody of ‘How Animals Eat Their Food’ by Coma Niddy