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a drawing of two people hugging each other
The 50 Watts tumblr
50watts: "Uncredited illustration from a 1971 French Canadian textbook. This is my scan and I hope to do a full feature eventually."
an illustration of a woman with a mask on her face surrounded by plants and leaves
Comic Con 2016
Showcase and discover creative work on the world's leading online platform for…
black and white photograph of clouds in the sky
alfred g. buckham. clouds massing before a thunderstorm ca 1920
a black and white drawing of a sleeping fox
art Black and White wolf Cool perfect hipster indie moon Grunge galaxy stars Beautifull Luna teenager90s
wolf moon
a woman's face is shown in the center of space, surrounded by stars
Michal Mozolewski
an image of the moon in the night sky with stars on its side and black background
looking up.
an illustration of a woman looking out the window with words written on it that say, i don't exisit here yet
artforadults: viasantamaria - leonardo santamaria submitted,... (Carbon Cradle)
a drawing of a woman's head is shown on an iphone screen with the caption
[mrn;nr] - ebriosity: 7.19.15 - journal - “the chaos / the...
ebriosity: 7.19.15 - journal - “the chaos / the calm”mind’s...