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I am Shocked It Removed My Dark Spots in 3 Days, Potato & Lemon Juice Icecubes – Touch Of The Nature

Ice cubes filled with potato juice, lemon juice & pomegranate juice make awesome combination for rejuvenating your skin and are very effective in removing your dark spots fast. Lemon has natura…

By using a simple mnemonic device, this skinny poster illustrates the factors that characterize any civilization: Geography, Religion, Achievements, Politics, Economics, and Social Structures. Use this poster when introducing any ancient civilization to your students. It works with classifying present-day civilizations, too!    ©2017. 13 x 38 inches. Laminated to last. Middle school, high school.

It would be a good way to channel students' focus when talking about different civilizations or eras. It breaks a huge idea down to six different topics, with varying complexities. It could be altered a little to be more applicable.

List of Free Educational Apps

We've learned about a lot of these apps in TOI but as teachers, it's important to be constantly adding to our Knowledge Base. Free apps for education list by Gary Toews, via Slideshare

Sometimes when you suffer from eczema on your face, constantly picking or scratching can lead to scars. This treatment may work wonders for you if your trying to get rid of your eczema battle scars.

Turmeric for Acne Scars Method – (Turmeric with Coconut Oil) Turmeric and coconut oil have antioxidant property that prevents free radicals and thus supports the production of collagen to improve the skin’s elasticity and finally makes it smooth