Tempo Doeloe Bandung, Jalan Braga, 1936 This postcard doesn't have a written location on it but after some research I'm pretty sure it's Jl. Braga in Bandung, but please correct me if I'm wrong.

Dutch East Indies, Malang, Java, Indonesia, Nostalgia

Spuisluis Wonokromo-kanaal in aanbouw te Soerabaja, Java Unknown date

Surabaya, Dutch East Indies, Javanese, Indonesia

Bandung, Java, Indonesia

Surabaya, Java, Indie, Roots, India, Indie Music

Indonesia, Train, Trains

Surabaya, Indonesia, Indie, Dutch, Dutch Language, India, Indie Music

Surabaya, Photo And Video, Indonesia

Memory of The Day: Foto-Foto Terlarang Hindia Belanda