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Wire Jewelry Tutorial

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many different colored rocks and crystals on a white surface
crystal + mineral magic | Rachel Crethar of Rock & Co
several different colored rocks in a bowl next to a stone vase and rock on a table
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Crystal Sphere Dreams 😍✨💖
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a glass plate filled with different colored rocks
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many different colored rocks sitting on top of a wooden table
Rainbow Fluorite High Grade Tumblestone AAA+ : Clarity / Stability / Purity
Rainbow fluorite tumblestone, So beautiful and unusual measuring 20mm to 25mm Approx. Random pick, the listing is for one. Fluorite is one of nature's multi purpose stones, it draws out negative energies and stresses whilst purifying, cleansing and reorganising, getting rid of that that's no longer needed and bringing clarity to bear and enhancing concentration and mental dexterity. It is an incredibly stabilising Stone, helping us see the bigger picture. An excellent learning aid and self impro
Pistachio Calcite, Cleansing Energy, Becky Higgins, Black Quartz, Pistachio Green, Room With Plants, Beautiful Rocks
Pistachio Calcite, Sea Green Calcite
two pieces of rock in someone's hand, one is blue and the other is gray
Large Raw Druzy Blue Lace Agate
Choose your own large high quality raw blue lace agate from the ones shown in the photos above. Approx dimensions: 3x7.5cm