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Lana del Rey
a woman with long hair standing in front of an american flag and looking at the camera
Vintage, People, Celebrities, Art, Ethel, Favs, Pretty People, Hayden, Celebs
julia fox Fashion, Girl, Pelé, Zara, T Shirt, Dress
julia fox
two women wearing goggles, one with a strawberry in her mouth and the other holding an apple
a woman is standing on a yoga mat with her arms stretched out and legs bent
Instagram의 LOV3 STRUCK MAG님: “- Grace Jones by Jean-Paul Goude, 80’s ⭐️”
a woman in catwoman costume standing next to a wall with the caption, we know which fictional character you got
Halle Berry ''Catwoman'' 2004
a young man wearing a black tank top and holding a backpack
Mysterious Skin
Joseph Gordon-Levitt - Neil
a young man with glasses sitting in front of a wooden paneled wall and looking at the camera
Brick (2005)
two young people sitting in the back seat of a car, one with his hand up