Allah loves he who calls upon Him persistently. He is Allah , other than whom there is no deity, Knower of the unseen and the witnessed. He is the Entirely Merciful, the Especially Merciful.

"Surely my prayer and my sacrifice and my life and my death are (all) for Allah, the Lord of the Worlds.

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you shall know that He is allwaaaysss by yourside 😍 and if you live your life with this awareness you will trust Him and see the miracles He brings to you 💕🗻🌠

No Compulsion in Religion [2:256] There shall be no compulsion in religion: the right way is now distinct from the wrong way. Anyone who denounces the devil and believes in GOD has grasped the strongest bond; one that never breaks. GOD is Hearer, Omniscient. Quran: The Final Testament

I have never and In Sha Allah, will never. Islam in my opinion is a journey of logic but also of self discovery and is that much more beautiful Ma Sha Allah with little or no interference it is also appreciated so much more Algamdulilah!

Whenever you are alone, remind yourself that Allah has sent everybody away. So that it's only you and Him.

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the ummah before us are stronger

Emaan, Very Unfortunate we have gadgets but still unable to offer Fajr Prayers

- Yasmin Mogahed ***sometimes The Journey thru Life takes me to practices & languages not familiar, to bring me to the core of my life***this is what I learn this Ramadan 2013

invitetoislam: When you realise that you cannot have everything you want, you’ve understood the nature of dunya. When you realise that you can have everything you love or desire, you’ve understood the nature of Jannah!