Marigold, also known as Calendula, was picked as it symbolizes sacred love and affection. It is also known as the "Herb of the Sun" and are symbolic of passion and creativity - the veins of our work. Marigold is available in 4 color selections including: Blue Note, Yellow Sunflower, Orange Salmon and Orange Oriental.
34 Pin571 Pengikut
4 available colors in Marigold collection
Bags & Totes: City Tote Orange Salmon $87
Bags & Totes: Gallery Tote Blue Note $87
Bags & Totes: Toy Box Orange Oriental $87
Bags & Totes: Beach Bag Orange Salmon $87
Bags & Totes: Atelier Box Yellow Sunflower $77
Accessories: Petite Organizer Orange Oriental $15
Accessories: Small Organizer Blue Note $17
Accessories: Medium Organizer Yellow Sunflower $19
Accessories: Large Organizer Orange Salmon $27