Ameen Ameen Ameen. InsyaAllah Islam is beautiful. Alhamdulillah... islamic quotes / phrases I love Islam ♥  -Dan jauhkan aku dari orang orang yang mendzolimiku-

Oh Allah ﷻ protect my heart from being attached to something that will not benefit me in my Akhira. Guide this fragile heart.

high five islamic bedtime routine

Islamic Bedtime Routine High- Five + Free Printables


Qur'an surah Hud I put my trust in Allah, my Lord and your Lord! There is not a moving (living) creature but He has grasp of its forelock. Verily, my Lord is on the Straight Path (the truth).

Allah subhanahu wa ta'ala

And (remember) when your Lord said to the angels: “Verily, I am going to place (mankind) generations after generations on earth.” They said: “Will You place therein those who will make mischief therein and shed blood, - while we glorify You with praises a

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☪ The Quran is the central religious text of Islam, which Muslims believe to be a revelation from God.

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An Inspirational Islamic Quote - "Prayer Isn't For Allah, It's For You. Allah Doesn't Need You, You Need Him.