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When your parents are pretending to not notice your murderous older brother attempting to erase you from the family, lmao

Người ta nói gừng càng già càng cay, ai đu thuyền hai người này tình càng già càng thâm :)) Chuyên mục Im tổng lên ngôi hay Mọt ca on top luôn là vấn đề được xoay chuyển, nhưng dân tình bỏ phiếu anh Im Củ Cải lên đầu :))

‏JB and mark . The look in Mark's face is priceless (one of my favourite gifs ever!)<--- I have never listened to this group but this is so funny

IGOT7 and GOT7 is missing uri leader Jaebum :(

They're so awesome and nice, I cannot! And Jaebum doing so much for the fans despite his injury!

And the shipping starts...

JackBam/Bambon Ruining Mark's Sweet Moment XD ~ Aw Mark, that really is a sweet ideal type (wait till ya meet me!

Jaebum vs JB lol

Jaebum vs JB lol >>>whenever idols show their foreheads, it's life over for fans ya know?