way is that really them?... Hold up I'm fangirling and can't think straight

Chanbaek // BaekYeol // Park y Byun // Chanyeol y Baekhyun♡ Mi favorita♡♡♡♡♡

the moment when he realizes the brakes doesnt work.....HAHA EXO CHANYEOL #chanyeol #hisfacescreamshelp #priceless

Its all fun and games until you realize there are no brakes. Suho-omma be like: You should of listened to me pabo-ah.

Chanyeol texting his wife Baek kekeke

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Chanyeol - 161204 Hat’s On fansign Credit: aLong.


Chanyeol - 150817 Exoplanet - The EXO’luXion in Hong Kong Credit: Cloud Atlas.


besternatexo: ““Hot Summer ” I was inspired by Chanyeol’s cotton candy hair and this photo of Alexander Ferrario by Hadar Pitchon.

|EXO| Chanyeol

i shud stop with this whole fascination upon chanyeol's long legs, like, seriously.

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