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"Damn it Johnson! What were the patient's vitals?"  "Those weren't the patient's vitals Doctor Mittens…" "Then what WERE they??" "Ummm that was the laser pen Doctor Mittens--" "Damn it Nurse Fluffy!!!"

This is cute - but mostly - hospital cats! That's awesome! They want to take over the hospital // funny pictures - funny photos - funny images - funny pics - funny quotes -

Visiting Friends...

Funny pictures about Visiting Friends For The First Time. Oh, and cool pics about Visiting Friends For The First Time. Also, Visiting Friends For The First Time photos.

hahahahaha!!! More inches every time! When its iPhone 100 I bet no one will want it because its so long.

Before you get all jazzed to show off your new iPhone take a look at the gadget be flaunting in a few years: this is how iPhone 10 will look like. Apple iPhone 10 is the tallest iPhone yet