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trust Allah and everything will be allright

Simply trust the Creator ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

Allah Loves those that trust in Allah

No matter what the people around you are doing, stick to what you know is right, don't follow the crowd.

Don't do what the people does. do what your imaan teaches you to do!


The blessings in obligatory prayers. I never knew this.

I love Islam

Strive for Allah

The everyday to become better inshallah

best words to express thank you :)

Better than say- just thanks.when you thankful someone(muslim) say "jazakAllahu khairan".

Even a whisper

Even if it is a whisper - Allah hears it

Alhamdu lillahi ♥ الحمد لله

Keep calm and say Alhamdulillah