Imam Ali as

And they all learnt their best from the mercy to mankind, my beloved prophet Muhammad peace be upon him! Wise words by Imam Ali (a.

Every day is a second chance. Don't let anyone tell you different. Most importantly don't let anyone bring you down. Be a better Muslim for YOURSELF not anyone else

I'll better spend every day to be a better singer/dancer/artist etc. And you keep striving for your imaginary friend.

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Sabr consists of not only being patient but accepting what is happening and not questioning your lord.

Du'a __ (owhsomuslim)

Dua O one who reverses hearts. Make my heart be steadfast in your deen ♥

i love these words, and i was about to forget them, so thankyou for pinning.

"When you're tempted to lose patience with someone think how patient Allah has been with you all the time.