simple hijab with patterned dress? yes please

Got a hippy / boho vibe? This modest pairing of dress, vest, sleeve covers and hijab scarf hits the mark! (I dont wear a head covering, but i like a scarf styled like a hijab's neck area.

My Amethyst ♡: DARKNESS

The title sounds a bit creepy, eh? Watched Cloudy with A Chance of Meatballs 2 yesterday--and it was beyond!

I love this! #hijab

I like this but I would wear the denim shirt rolled only to a in length. I just think it would look better with less of the black sleeve showing.

we can talk later about why the hijab appeals to me. I really like the look on the L.

Trendy and modern look that manages to conveys modesty, incorporates hijab and appear comfortable.