Suho (leader) EXO-K

Suho, he's so delicate but manly at the same time.

mama su ❤️

Suho - 170313 Official EXO-L website update Credit: Official EXO-L website.

“ candy blossom | do not edit. ”

Happy birthday to the guardian of exo Suho! Suho thank you for everything you have done for exo. Thank you for working so hard. Please stay healthy.

Suho (Junmyeon)

Suho (Junmyeon) "for me he is the only one"😙😙😙

Suho of EXO ❤ He's so gorgeous! He has such flawless pale skin, rosy lips, and dreamy dark eyes!! Snow White of Korea lol

Kim Jun-myeon (김준면) also known as Suho (수호) of EXO I just love him so much! He's so incredibly gorgeous. He has such dreamy dark eyes, flawless pale skin, and rosy lips.