Nadhira Kamilia

Nadhira Kamilia

Nadhira Kamilia
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I really don't want this to happen to our boys :"(

i want them to get All Tim Low famous, not One Direction famous. Like still amazingly well known and they get the credit they deserve, but not all the drama and shit they dont

maxi skirt from jeans

Sew top of jeans onto skirt material. I used an old pair of jeans & an old skirt. Its so much easier with an old skirt just make sure you get the hemline correct before you sew it together. (BW) perfect for those too short girls skirts too!

If they were my teachers, I will never leave my classroom and I'll always visit the faculty room to do some random s*** like cleaning their floor or something, just to see them xD

The only thing is Luke would definitely be the math teacher because Liz Hemmings and Calum would obviously be the pe teacher because he was almost a professional soccer player zoo<<and Luke was a math tutor