Secrets Behind Praying on Time - Interesting, but there is no references about the explanation with the energies so ... maybe should check the website


Secrets Behind Praying on Time.Although I'm not Muslim/ Islamic, I understand this & see its benefits. We should all pray more & on time, consistently

Allah is the Best of Planners! ❤️ #Islam #Muslims

Syukur alhamdulillah for everything. just when u thought life hits u so bad. thats when He bring lights to u. when u learnt to accept faith and let go. thats when you feel peace. becoz He indeed is listening and looking at you.

Why do we worry? When Allah has promised to take care of the affairs of those who put thier trust in Him? Worrying over matters we have no control over is from Shaytaan. Rather, put full trust in Allah and keep telling yourselves that Allah is controlling everything! Make Dua'a.

Nour Academy - Teaching Arabic and Quraan to Non-Arabic Speaking Muslims

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Fatimah (may Allah be pleased with her), the beloved daughter of our Prophet (pbuh): from having a striking and amazing resemblance to our beloved Prophet (pbuh) to being affectionately called Az-Zahra, the Splendid One, Fatimah attained an incredible sta

Islam motivation

Padahal ibu lebih butuh dukungan tapi ibu justru yang nenangin saya ❤ mom did you know how strong and brave you are. Abah will proud of you, Im swear. Okkay no crying anymore let be independent and strong ME

Assalamualaikum friends..

hmara dil aisa bna de ki khusiyo k waqt b tu hi yaad aaye.

When Some Thing Is Lost

Dua for Some Thing "Lost"

“... And if something (bad) befalls you, do not say, ‘Had I only done such-and-such, then such-and-such would have happened, rather say: Qardrullāhi, wa maa shaa’ fa’ala (This is from the Qadr of Allāh, and He does whatever He wills.)”” - Prophet Muhammad Sallallāhu Alayhī wa Sallam • Dear Allāh, Sometimes, it's hard for me to understand what You really want to happen But I trust You and I know You will give me whats best

And if something (bad) befalls you, do not say, ‘Had I only done…

You might not see it right now but Allah will guide you out of your 'impossible' situation.

Allah will always make a way for you!

To Remove Jinnats. Note: Not all jinn are "evil spirits" only the shayatin among them are.

To Remove Jinnats. Note: Not all jinn are "evil spirits" only the shayatin among them are.

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The beauty of Islam is that it’s never too late to ask Allah for forgiveness but…


Duaa to remove anger and stubbornness

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the Most Beneficient the Most Merciful.

Du'a for Worries and Distress

Allah has mentioned many Duas (supplications) in the Quran that we can make in various situations. A number of these Duas were invoked by various prophets